About RoadHeads

RoadHeads is an independently-produced video channel and blog highlighting the diverse automotive scene in California, made entirely by two dudes with no free time in Los Angeles. We also like beer.

From car show coverage to in-depth feature stories, our goal is to provide entertaining (and consistently dumb) video content about car culture. We try to fill each video with interesting car facts, dad-jokes, beer drinking, and general automotive-badassery.

We only feature cars that we personally find awesome, whether it be a clean BMW e30, a Mad Max spec Nova, or a bastardized vintage Ferrari with a Chevy drivetrain.

Making these videos isn't our full-time job, but we enjoy having an outlet to express our love for cars, beer, and dumb humor.

What Car Guys Are Saying About RoadHeads:

"RoadHeads? So do you guys just blow each other a lot?"
  —Matt Farah

"Okay, that's nice."
  —Jay Leno

Get in touch:

We’re on the hunt for car stories. Shoot us an email if you’ll let us drive your car and make a goofy video about it!