The Chevy 302-Powered Vintage Ferrari

In the crazy world of custom hot rodding, we’ve seen a lot of crazy shit. From Pontiacs to Porsches, gearheads from around the globe have chopped and channeled nearly everything they can get their greasy hands on. But even in the vast world of custom car culture, very few builders have laid paw on one of the most coveted vehicles of all time: the Ferrari 250 series.

Ferrari’s 250 platform was wildly successful. Produced from 1953 to 1964, several variants of the model were offered, the most prominent being the GTO. In fact, the most expensive car auction to date was a 1962 GTO that sold for $38,000,000. And let’s face it; most of us hot rodders barely have enough cash to stock the shop fridge with beer for the weekend.

However, one man didn’t let the price of prestige stop him from bastardizing a car from the heavens. When Joe Alessandrino had an opportunity to buy a scrapped shell of a 1963 250 GTE, he built himself a custom-from-the-ground-up Chevy-powered Joerrari:

With decades of car building experience backing him up, Joe constructed the chassis, which sits nicely on a racing-spec coilover setup. He dropped in a Chevy DZ 302 from a 69 Z/28 Camaro, a Tremec six-speed tranny from a Viper, and a Ford 9" rear end. Oh, and it wears a paint code from Mitsubishi.

How does it actually drive? Let’s just say "terrifyingly."

Simply put, the Joerrari is a whole different beast compared to the V12 powered car that came from Italy, and it’s one of the most unassuming custom builds we’ve seen.

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